That Perfect Little Desk – The Vintage Edit


With people adapting to the challenges of reinventing the workplace to allow for healthier and safer environments, the once taken for granted desk will become an essential feature to incorporate within our own homes.

Whilst some of us are lucky enough to have dedicated home offices or studies the majority are not and it can be a struggle to get the balance of space, form and function just right. When choosing a home desk, there are some key elements to take into account.

Storage is absolutely vital, you want to be able to switch off when the work day is over and walk away. Easier said than done when you are in your own home. Therefore drawers, cubby holes or even a pull down section to hide everything away are key. Little extras like lockable sections, hidden compartments and extensions are all very useful and shouldn’t be overlooked.

Don’t think of your desk as just a place to sit at your computer but more of an intricate piece of furniture that has numerous tasks to fulfill. It will most likely be in a corner of your living room, hallway or even bedroom, therefore take into account its overall look and feel in the existing space. You can go for something that blends away or be bold and create a real statement. There are some beautiful finishes and designs available in both vintage and new pieces and these couldnt be further away from our views of your typical office desk……… the possibility’s are endless!

Interiors by – #jennifermossedesignltd
Photo Credit: Adam Kang Photography

Interior Design Tips:

When placing your desk, if you have the luxury of space, give yourself as much as you possibly can. Make sure you can move your chair back and forth and can comfortably get in and out of your desks seating area. Also make sure you can stretch out and up whilst sitting down. Get a measuring tape and a dining chair out to experiment with sizing before you buy. Mapping the area out with some newspaper or masking tape and living with it for a little while is also very useful.

I’ve curated a little list of my current favourite workspaces; mostly vintage, unique or one off finds and all easily ordered from the comfort of your own home.

A dream for confined spaces, they don’t come much smaller than this and still tick all the boxes! Writing Desk by Lucian Ercolani for Ercol, 1960s. £1,300 excluding delivery and service charges SHOP

For a longstanding investment piece which should hold its value beautifully, this is a great find. Oak Tambour ( wooden slats are so on trend and give a zen feel – think Japan) with a black metal and chrome base, it’s built to last. Oak Tambour Desk by George Nelson for Herman Miller, 1960s. £2,995 excluding delivery and services. SHOP

Filled with old world charm, this beautiful piece could easily double up as a pretty dressing table. Antique Victorian Writing Table. £633 excluding delivery and services. SHOP

An absolute classic, this is a seriously smart piece of furniture. Timeless, beautifully made and with bundles of storage. Danish Midcentury Rosewood Desk by Gunni Omann c.1960 £2,200 excluding delivery and services SHOP

The ever popular mid century style has been fashionable for some time now and it’s easy to see why. Giving a sharp edge to most interior settings, this one delivers maximum style for a great price. Mid Century Desk £695 excluding delivery and services SHOP

I always advise every home should have one or two star pieces and this is one of those special finds. Not only does it look great and have a place for everything – you just pull up the front and it all disappears. Rosewood Wooden Secretary Desk By Torbjorn Afdal For Bruksbo Norway. £1,529 excluding delivery and services. SHOP

Great for a lighter workload this little piece is the perfect place to perch with your laptop whilst enjoying a cup of coffee. Folding Desk “Klappauf”, Oak, Vintage, 1897. £1317.99 excluding delivery and services. SHOP

Simple and Streamlined, again with great storage options, this one is easy to place in many homes. Italian Modern Desk, 1960s. £573 excluding delivery and service charges. SHOP

And finally, who can resist this little number, the perfect home schooling accessory. Victorian Childrens Desk: £249 excluding delivery and service charges. SHOP

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